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Finding a job

Local job market

  • The City of Ottawa has collaborated with business and labour partners to identify nine key economic sectors that are important for the city’s future development and prosperity
  • See it The local labour market plan in the city of OttawaFor a good overview of the industrial and occupational mix in the city, as well as key sectors, opportunities and future directions for each sector
  • There are a number of unique characteristics that distinguish the labour market in the city of Ottawa
  • There are challenges associated with working for the federal government, both directly and indirectly, as a newcomer. Most jobs require that you be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to be an employee. A large proportion of federal jobs require people to be bilingual. Residency in Canada is required for many jobs, which require a security clearance
  • The City of Ottawa has a large workforce. The City of Ottawa has been named one of the top ten for the third year in a row The top 100 employers in Canada A survey is conducted every year The Globe and Mail The newspaper. There are more City jobs
  • Employees in the city of Ottawa should be able to communicate effectively in English. Many jobs in the city of Ottawa require employees to communicate in both of Canada’s official languages

Career planning and job search help

It takes a lot of time, determination, energy, confidence, knowledge and skills to find a job in the city of Ottawa. The culture of work in Canada is different than in the US, so it’s important to know about that before starting a job search. A number of organizations in the city of Ottawa help newcomers find a job and prepare for interviews

  • Employment in Ontario
    The agency of the provincial government of Ontario provides assistance to Ontario residents who are looking for employment or seeking to upgrade their skills. Newcomers to Ontario are encouraged to take advantage of the services that are available to help them get a job

  • The city of
    The Employment Ontario site is one of the four Community and Social Supports Centres that the company operates assistance in finding a jobThe Centres have fax machines, computers, and Internet service. The City offers workshops about job-search strategies, cover letter writing, and interviewing techniques, as well as education and training support services, and paid and unpaid job placements to gain Canadian experience

  • The Cité collégiale
    : The Cité collégiale A number of employment services are provided to newcomers by a post-secondary institution. Individuals don’t have to register for courses at the college in order to use these services. Immigrants can get access to the workplace through the services of La Cité. Bridging programs include mock interviews, job placement, mentoring and job shadowing. Some of the programs are general in nature, but others are sector specific. These programs offer top-up courses

  • The college is named after the college
    : The college is named after the college A post-secondary institution offers academic programs and a number of employment services to newcomers. Individuals don’t have to register for courses at the college in order to use these services. The employment services offered by the college include occupational specific language training, bridge training programs, and other programs that help internationally educated individuals find jobs in their field of training

  • Lasi world skills
    Job search workshops cover topics such as personal job search coaching and personalized action plans

  • Immigrants can be hired in the city of Ottawa
    The initiative brings together employers and immigrant serving agencies to promote the skills of newcomers to prospective employers Immigrants can be hired in the city of Ottawa Bridging and internship programs for medical doctors, civil engineers, and trades people in the construction industry are available to newcomers

  • In-TAC: The centre for talent acquisition
    New immigrants are helped to find jobs in the IT, finance and accounting sectors. In-TAC has a pool of over 400 employer partners and offers new immigrants training, employment counseling, mentorship, internship and job referrals in the provinces. In-TAC is dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses fill their expertise gaps and help newcomers find jobs in their field

  • The YWCA Employment Access Centre is open
    A number of them There are workshops There are topics that are crucial for a successful employment search, such as résumé and cover letter writing, job search strategies, interviewing, Canadian workplace culture, and professional networking

  • The OCISO is a community organization that provides immigrant services
    There are offers Career mentoring program For newcomers that cover topics such as employment research strategies, professional network development, employer engagement strategies, and résumé, cover letter and interview preparation

  • Conseil conomique et Social d’Ottawa-Carleton is a social organization
    A number of thatThere are programs and services for French-speaking immigrants The Emploi-CESOC helps newcomers in their employment search by providing them with personal assistance with their applications

  • Immigrant Women Services in the city of Ottawa
    A number of them Services to help immigrant women find employment In the city of Ottawa. . IWSO provides a number of skills workshops and other services, including personal assessment with an employment counsellor. IWSO has computerized facilities that allow women to conduct effective job searches

  • The OCCSC is a Chinese community services centre
    There are offers A four-day job search workshop Topics include an analysis of the local job market and a discussion of résumé writing. Enhanced language Training for Accounting Professionals is a program that helps internationally educated accounting professionals transition to Canadian workplace culture and business practices, and Navigating the Canadian IT Workplace is a program that helps professionals transition to Canadian workplace culture and business practices. The program is meant to unite internationally trained IT professionals with employers in the city

  • Jewish Family Services is a service The JFS is a type of instrument

    Newcomers in English, French, Russian, Hebrew, and Arabic are helped by the organization

  • The agency is called the Lebanon and Arab Social Services Agency

    The organization provides help to newcomers in English, French, Arabic, and Kurdish

Useful websites for job opportunities

Finding and developing contacts within a professional network is one way to find and apply for jobs in Canada. The YMCA-YWCA Employment Access Centre, theOttawa Chinese Community Services Centre, and LASI World Skills all offer workshops on how to make connections and find a job. There are a number of resources that provide up-to-date job listings

  • The word is TheWorking in CanadaThe tool gives information about job postings in the city
  • The City of Ottawa has a lot of information There are on-line job banks

Foreign credentials are recognized

Employers have difficulties evaluating educational qualifications and skills of newcomers. It is almost impossible for employers to fully understand the qualities and characteristics of educational systems and apprenticeship programs that vary from one country to another. A number of organizations specialize in evaluating foreign credentials and converting them into Canadian equivalents

  • World education services
    : WES-Canada Foreign secondary and post-secondary educational qualifications are converted into Ontario equivalents. Individualized reports are available for educational, immigration, licensing or employment purposes

  • The Comparative Education Service is a service for education
    Located at the University of Toronto The show is called the CES Employers can better understand its clients’ credentials by comparing the international academic qualifications it provides to those offered in Canada

  • The International Credential Assessment Service of Canada is located in Canada
    : Evaluates all educational documents from any level or program, and provides an equivalency evaluation that can be used for employment, educational or career needs. General, detailed and customized reports are available

  • The Cité collégiale And The college is named after the college

    Also provide a number of services to address the issue of credential recognition

  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada
    has been established The Foreign Credential Referral Office is located in the country Information, path-finding and referral services are provided by that

  • Employment in Ontario
    There is an extensive site Information about trades that need certification In Ontario. The site has a larger number of voluntary trades

certification is mandatory in 22 trades in Ontario. To work in these trades you need a certificate of qualification and you have to pass a provincial examination and demonstrate your work experience

  • The government of Ontario
    Also provides some important information The credentials of internationally trained professionals are assessed. The site also provides links to private firms that evaluate credentials, and it also has information about the process of becoming certified in a health and non-health regulated profession
  • There are 29 regulated professions in Ontario that have different processes for obtaining certification
  • Non-health professions are regulated
  • Health professions that are regulated

  • The Ontario Network for International Professionals is for professionals from other countries Onip

    Information about licensing requirements and employment opportunities for internationally-trained health care professionals, engineers, accountants, and teachers is provided by this organization

  • The OCLF is a community loan fund
    It provides Training loans for newcomers to the capitalTraining loans can be used to pay for professional licensing exams, professional training courses, and other expenses

There are training and apprenticeship opportunities

An apprenticeship is a person who learns a trade on the job and is supervised by an experienced worker. The majority of learning happens on the job, which is why apprenticeship programs often include classroom instruction. An apprenticeship is the first step in building a career, and apprentices are usually paid while they learn and build experience. The The apprenticeship section The website of Employment Ontario has information about regulated trades and the process of becoming an apprenticeship in Ontario. It gives information about apprenticeship opportunities in Ontario

  • The Ontario College of Trades has a list of apprenticeship tradesA detailed description List of all trades Construction, Motive Power, Industrial and Service sectors are in that area

  • The Red Seal program is for people with certain disabilities
    There are apprenticeship, regulated and unregulated trades and professions, and whether certification is compulsory or voluntary
  • The Red Seal Program of the Interprovincial Standards is a provincial responsibility in Canada and allows each jurisdiction to set their own standards. After successfully completing an interprovincial Red Seal examination, apprentices who have completed their training and become certified journeypersons can obtain a Red Seal endorsement on their provincial or territorial Certificates of Qualification and Apprenticeship. The Red Seal program ensures that a worker can get certification in Canada without having to take further exams The Red Seal program is for people with certain disabilities There are exams and them

  • Navigating the Canadian IT is a topic in In-tac
    This is a unique bridge-to-work program for internationally educated Information and Communication Technologies professionals. The classroom training improves participants’ communication skills and understanding of the local labour market. The professional practicum exposes participants to Canadian workplace culture, business practices and professional ethics. The project connects internationally educated professionals with local users. Read more about this program The website of the IN-TAC

  • Navigating the Canadian Accounting is a topic that is covered by IN-TAC
    This is a unique program for international educated Accounting and Finance professionals. The training and professional practicum gave the participating IEPs with Canadian accounting software skills and basics in taxation, as well as exposure to the local Canadian workplace culture, business practices and professional ethics. The program connects accounting professionals with employers. Read more about this program The website of the IN-TAC

  • Eco-friendly
    This program is for immigrant women who want to learn sewing skills for self-employment or for a business. The “Sowing for Jobs” program provides women with financial literacy training, hands-on experience and individual mentoring with the intent of securing long-term employment The Eco Equitable program is about ecology

There are recognized trades and regulated professions

There will be a strong demand for individuals with qualifications in trades and a number of professions in the future. The City of Ottawa has created a guide that explains how to get re-certification and apprenticeship opportunities in regulated and recognized trades in Ontario. There are links to information about professions and professional certification in Ontario in the Training and Apprenticeship Opportunities section

Employment challenges are over

Finding a job can be difficult. Lack of understanding of the local labour market, lack of recognition of educational qualifications, and lack of experience gained outside of Canada are some of the challenges. There are a number of cultural and social practices associated with working in Canada. A number of organizations provide mentorship programs and other assistance with understanding the softer skills needed to overcome barriers to employment

Your rights as an employee

All workers in Ontario have the right to fair working conditions. The Employment Standards Act and Occupational Health and Safety Act are Ontario laws that set out the employment and safety requirements for employers

It is important to know your rights as an employee. Visit The Ontario government website To find out more about the payment of wages, hours of work, overtime, employment terminated and severance pay is a website The Employment Standards Act provides an easy to read description of employee rights in Ontario. It outlines actions that an employee can take if she/he is discriminated against gives information Health and safety rights The Occupational Health and Safety Act outlines some of the things that are done. You have the right to refuse to perform work that is unsafe if you are an employee

The Ontario Human Rights Code states that employers cannot discriminate against workers on the basis of race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, family status or marital status. If you experience discrimination, you have the right to seek help. View a formal guide The Ontario Human Rights Commission has a lot of power

View a positive What you can do to address discrimination is described

Networking and volunteering

Volunteer work is seen as equivalent to Canadian work experience by many employers. Volunteer positions can give you an opportunity to learn about the Canadian workplace, practice your English or French, and find people who can give you references

The section on this site called Job Search and Career Planning Help can help newcomers find volunteering opportunities in the community. Many of these organizations are looking for volunteers. The mandate is also included Volunteer in the city It is important to match the interests of volunteers with opportunities in the community

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Starting a business

The place to be is in the city of Ottawa

The assets that distinguish the city of Ottawa from other cities in North America are its growing business environment and ability to establish quickly and grow

  • A high percentage of university graduates live in the capital city
  • A strong research community includes five post-secondary institutions
  • The rest of Canada is behind
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  • A workforce with international experience. The tapestry of diversity and experience that has been created by recent immigrants from every world region and almost every country is what makes the city of Ottawa. The majority of recent immigrants hold a degree or a university degree. Less than 40% of recent immigrants in other Canadian cities are highly educated
  • Canada’s capital has embassies and consulates that are used for international trade and investment
  • There is a diversity of industries. Over 75,000 employees are employed in knowledge-based sectors of the economy
  • The City of Ottawa is committed to encouraging growth in six key sectors that have demonstrated the greatest potential for growth in the coming years: Wireless, Photonics, Defence and Security, Cleantech, Life Sciences, and Film, Digital Media and Television Production
  • If you have a great idea and want to see it grow into a successful business
  • Are you trying to draw on the highly educated and dynamic business environment that exists here in order to grow your business?
  • I would like to buy an existing business and develop it into a new success

The economic climate in Canada’s capital

The quality of its labour force, economic stability, and business diversity are more important than the size of the metropolitan area. The public service is the anchor point of the economy and employs over 100,000 people. But the town of Ottawa is more than just a government town. The City of Ottawa has taken a number of steps to open up new opportunities for economic growth

  • A low unemployment rate
  • A highly educated workforce
  • Strong investment in entrepreneurial businesses. Over the last decade, venture capital invested in technology companies in the city amounted to over $4 billion
  • Growing commitment to economic development
  • The second largest concentration of science and engineering jobs is in the city of Ottawa
  • A top location for research
  • A city that is connected. The breadth and depth of fibre optic connections in the city of Ottawa is unparalleled

Investing and business opportunities

The City of Ottawa’s economic development program is focused on the key industrial sectors that have the greatest potential for growth. Six key sectors are promising for growth in the years to come, and they are:


Businesses in the city have been there for three decades The forefront of the revolution in wireless

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Almost one hundred small to medium-size businesses are building expertise in the commercial application of light, with strong links to life sciences industries. Read more about it The sector of photonics is in the city

Life sciences are related

With strong expertise in the field of genetics Life sciences is a sector is building a reputation for discovery, development and commercialization of health products and technologies

Defence and security

The research and development infrastructure in the city is strong Defence and security technologiesOver 165 companies employing more than 10,000 people are located in the city

Clean technologies

One of Canada’s largest concentrations is in the city of Ottawa Clean energy researchers and companiesThe cluster of industries and researchers in the city of Ottawa are providing innovative solutions to the environment

Digital media, film, and TV

The City of Ottawa has over 500 film shooting days each year TV production and moviesDevelopment in Digital Media

Success stories

The City of Ottawa has made a commitment to concentrateInvestment attraction activitiesThere are six sectors. The City of Ottawa has an investment attraction strategy that is based on investment capital for local firms and encouraging companies not yet present in the city to open a local facility

The City of Ottawa is committed to identifying high-potential companies in each sector that are currently located in the city and to provide support that will assist with their long-term viability and growth. The City of Ottawa helps companies maximize their growth opportunities at national and international scales

The real proof of the business opportunities and possibilities in the city is found in the experiences of business leaders who have made the decision to live here These are testimonials What makes the city of Ottawa a great place to start a company and what businesses are located in the city?

Business associations and resources

There are many associations in the city that bring business people together for formal events, seminars and meetings

  • Invest in the city of Ottawa
  • The Chamber of Commerce in the city of Ottawa
  • The executives in the capital. Association
  • The Capital Business Association is made up of businesses
  • The Women’s Business Network of the city
  • The Canadian Italian Business and Professional Association is in the city of Ottawa

Business options

There are a lot of businesses in Canada that offer a wide range of services and goods to the public. Businesses have different legal status and structure. It is worthwhile to learn about the legal costs, tax options, and liabilities associated with different business structures

  • Self-employmentIn 2010, about 16% of workers were self-employed. Self-employed workers are people who work for themselves or for no pay for family members
  • Unincorporated businessThe owner of this type of business is usually the sole proprietor. It is the same as having a separate bank account for your business transactions. To register a business with your local government, you need to come up with a business name, and then you can get tax numbers and business licenses. It is the most economical format of business. The owner accepts all the risks personally and receives all the profits
  • Incorporated businessThis type of business is a corporation. A corporation is a legal entity that has its own tax liabilities. The main reason people incorporate a business is to protect their personal assets. Multiple investors in a company can make it efficient to incorporate. In the case of a lawsuit against the business, the assets of the owner cannot be seized
  • They are partnershipsA partnership is an extension of the sole proprietorship business structure. The partnership agreement specifies the sharing of rewards and losses among the individuals involved in the partnership. The people named in a partnership agreement are responsible for profits and losses
  • Co-operative businessA business organization is a cooperative. A co-operative is an enterprise that is owned by its members. The democratic system of one-member, one-vote allows all co-op members to make decisions. All members share the benefits of co-operation based on how much they use the co-operative’s service
  • Social enterprisesSocial enterprises are similar to any business in that they produce goods and services for the market and seek to make a profit. These businesses want to generate revenue for the purpose of generating income and achieving social, cultural and/or environmental goals. Non-profits that use business models to generate revenue are included in social enterprises

How to start a business

It is a big step to start a new business, whether it is in the trades, services or high technology. There are many organizations and resources in the city of Ottawa

Entrepreneurs can get information and consulting services from the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation

Service Ontario’s One Source for Business can help entrepreneurs with everything from developing a business plan to obtaining financing and licenses

One-on-one consulting help is available. The Small Business enterprise Centres run by the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation help new entrepreneurs get started and provide support for the first five years. The Centres give entrepreneurs access to business consulting services and resources that cover a wide range of topics

  • Read about it Small business centers

Information about how to operate your business efficiently can be found when you start your business. Marketing and selling, legal services, and taxation requirements are topics covered

  • Read more about it Small business advice, support services and regulations

The Ontario government provides Business Advisory Services to entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses in Ontario and abroad. An office is located in the capital city

Suite 810 is at 180 Elgin Street
K2P 2K3 is in the city of Ottawa
1 (800) 267-1342
The address is: Tel: (613) 241-3841
Call (613) 241-2500

A trades business is being started

The number of major private residential and commercial projects in the area will create strong demand for skilled workers over the next 20 years. You may feel like this is the right time to start your own business. For more about entrepreneurship experiences, certification and regulations with respect to trades, see the “There are training and apprenticeship opportunities” section

Start a not-for-profit organization

The Government of Ontario has a new website There is an online resource for not-for-profits. The new site has information about funding opportunities, advice on how to start and manage a not-for-profit organization, and a section on relevant laws

There are two types of self-employment and entrepreneurship

Self-employment is growing in the city. People who are self-employed work in a wide range of occupations, from trades to business services to professions. Working for yourself has a number of benefits including being able to take an idea and see it grow into a strong business, and being able to work from home

Start-ups are responsible for most job creation in the city. They are the drivers of job growth. The City of Ottawa is interested in supporting entrepreneurs

Being successful as a self-employed person requires some planning and preparation. There are a number of resources in the city that are geared towards self-employed entrepreneurs

There are resources for getting started

Entrepreneurs can get information and consulting services from the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation

Service Ontario’s One Source for Business can help entrepreneurs with a wide range of topics, from developing a business plan to obtaining financing and licenses

One-on-one consulting help is available. The Small Business enterprise Centres run by the Ministry help new entrepreneurs start their businesses and provide support for the first five years. The Centres give entrepreneurs access to business consulting services and resources that cover a wide range of topics

  • Invest Ottawa has a Small Business Enterprise Centre

The address is (613)
Call (613)

  • Invest in the city of Ottawa The City of Ottawa has an economic development initiative that offers a number of services to people who are thinking about self-employment or who are interested in growing their business. Invest Ottawa offers advice on starting a business and mentorship from people who have experienced the opportunities and challenges of self-employment
  • The business services section of the public library New entrepreneurs can find information on how to start a business. Entrepreneurs who are looking to expand their business, as well as newcomers who are looking to understand the market, can get one-on-one consultations from business librarians
  • The National Capital Region YMCA-YWCA has employment, enterprise and newcomer services There are a number of employment assistance services for newcomers. The Ontario Self-Employment Benefit Program is for people who want to pursue self-employment opportunities. The program provides entrepreneurs who meet eligibility criteria with income and entrepreneurial support for up to 42 weeks while they develop and start a business. Services include self-employment training
  • It is important to have the necessary licenses and permits if you want to open a business BizPaL The service provides permit and license information for all levels of government

Entrepreneurship resources include information, networking and loans

InvestOttawa is a program that supports entrepreneurship through business consultations, strategic mentorship, and seminars and expertise on growing a business

  • Read about it entrepreneurship services Invest Ottawa

There are a number of organizations in the city that provide support to entrepreneurs

  • provides a large number of activities for its member organizations, including networking events, mentorship, and access to legal and accounting services. Exploriem provides early stage funding and office space to entrepreneurs
  • The The community loan fund in the city Newcomers to the city can get business loans from the OCLF. Business loans can be used to start, buy or expand a business. The Newcomer Training and Business Loans are available in a range of sizes. OCLF organizes free workshops to help newcomers take control of their finances
  • Lead to victoryLead to Win is a six-day boot-camp training experience for entrepreneurs that focuses on building growth oriented businesses in the city of Ottawa. The program helps participants identify customers and operationalize their ideas. The program is designed to create at least six jobs for each business in three years after they participate

Useful publications and reports

  • The Integrated Local Labour Market Plan is in the city of Ottawa. The document outlines the objectives of the labour market in the city and how employers and workers of all kinds will be attracted to it. A framework for building anddiversifying the labour market in the city is reviewed
  • The branding strategy of the city of Ottawa. The document outlines a plan for making the city a premier destination for tourism

Buying a business

You can locate the city of Ottawa

You can locate the city of OttawaThe tool allows users to identify available commercial property in the area. This tool can be used to identify businesses and commercial properties that are for sale or lease in the city. It is possible to generate demographic and business reports for specific wards or the city as a whole. Maps showing property locations can be downloaded

Service Ontario is a one-stop shop for business

Service Ontario has a One- Source for Business that provides information about businesses that are available for sale or franchise opportunities by location, as well as information about advantages and challenges associated with purchasing a business. Entrepreneurs can use the Select Ontario search engine to find business properties for sale or lease

Read more about it is a websiteOn Online Services, click on Services for businesses to access ONe- Source for Business

Business brokers

Many entrepreneurs choose to purchase an existing business and then use a business broker to help them find opportunities and complete the purchase. Several business brokerage firms are located in the city

  • Contact information can be found here Local brokering
  • Many small businesses are for sale Website. . This site is not a broker service and it only lists businesses that are on the market

What worked for me?

Immigrants in the city of Ottawa were asked how they got to where they are today. Some of the answers are below

Attending training/workshops

I have been attending a lot of events organised by LASI World Skills, OCISO, and the other organizations to meet people and create a network. I applied to job postings every day. I got help with my resume. I took each interview as a learning experience and prepared myself well. I took the first job in a call centre that came up because I wanted to get Canadian experience after 25 years in banking. The Investment Funds in Canada course is a requirement for entry level jobs in commercial banks. The person is from the Ivoir Coast

Before approaching companies personally, you should participate in public events, and talk to companies personally. ”

I volunteered to gain Canadian work experience and participated in multiple workshops, events, training sessions for newcomers related to job search and Canadian culture

A friend who helped me through many of the things that other newcomers have to learn

Embracing the new culture with an optimistic and positive attitude, believing in myself and always looking ahead with my eyes wide open and full of hope

Acquiring Canadian experience

Start from the most available position, like a security guard or Tim Hortons worker. If necessary, try to switch to your professional field with local licences or other credentials. The Republic of Belarus is called Andrei

If you have good qualifications and experience, apply for jobs. Do not be lazy and make it your own. It works! Continue to look for a better job, if you take any job, work hard, make friends, and get excellent references

If you don’t have the right qualifications or communication skills, you should study. Make wise choices about your future career, ask around and do a lot of research

Networking/ volunteering

LASI World Skills on Argyle street is a place where volunteers can volunteer

I wanted to participate in LASI World Skills in order to improve my professional skills. Participation in community activities and attending functions where you can meet professional colleagues is very important, so networking is the key to success

I began volunteering after learning the language. I started working in the profession 3 months after arriving in Canada. I heard about the position while volunteering. I went back to school and obtained a Canadiandiploma. Three (3) years later, my resume displayed that I have Canadian work experience and a Canadiandiploma. After 1 month of obtaining my degree, I was employed in my field and I was very happy and proud of my achievements

You should network with people in key positions. A cover letter and resume are necessary for employment. Learn or improve your French

Get involved by volunteering. You will find out which kind of work is right for you

Look for a part time job to get a working experience in Canada

Improving language skills

It is important to improve your language and accent in Canada to have a good life

It is difficult in the technical fields, so get volunteering as soon as you can. – Iraq

If you want to continue working in Canada, you should improve your English and get familiar with the culture

Try to identify the skills that are in need for a long time

It is good to start your own business. You have to find a job in that area in one of the companies that are in that field to get familiar with the rules and regulations

Mari, Japan said to find and attend library program such as newcomer English or French conversation program

Maria said toPolish your English and French as much as possible to open job opportunities