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Telus, Rogers, and Bell all have 4G and 5G networks. What are the differences between Canada’s Big Three? Telus and Rogers are competing

The introduction is about something

There is a 98% chance that your cell phone will work on one of the three networks Telus, Rogers is a personOr, at least Bell. Telus leads its competitors in coverage area, overall speed, reliability, and customer service rating Some smaller brands rate higher for customer service

All 3 major Canadian providers are now As of June 2020. . Many more Canadian markets are expected to be added by the end of the year

The networks and prices of cell phone service are not that different from each other. There are differences. We will discuss what makes each company unique and briefly go over alternative Canadian providers like Virgin Mobile, Koodo, and others


Rogers, Telus and Bell were both telephone companies. Home broadband internet was added to the list of offerings. They grew leaps and bounds, offering an ever-expanding list of services. All three companies still offer everything. Canadians now have a priority for nationwide wireless services. Bell, Rogers, and Telus have built themselves into powerhouses

In 2021, these three providers will cover almost all of the Canadian population. Customer feedback from all three companies is the basis of the consensus concern priceCanada has some of the highest data plans in the world. And. It seems to be designed for customers who want premium services rather than for everyone.

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Is this true? Why if so?

Many Canadians think that Telus, Rogers, and Bell are scheming to take advantage of consumers and raise prices just because they can. The accusation is not true. Canada has The Canadian telecom landscape is different from other countries These things don’t mean they’re exploitative. We’ll get into many alternatives for every Canadian in the article

Telus, Rogers, and Bell serve 9 out of 10 Canadians. It has been interesting to observe price matching between these companies. When one changes the price of a plan, the others follow suit. Canada’s Big Three are in step with each other in regards to prices and plan details

There is no evidence that these companies have been undercutting or hurting their competitors. It isn’t there if you’re looking for proof of organized collusion

This doesn’t change the fact that many Canadians are unhappy with their country’s telecom situation Most Canadians don’t use a lot of mobile data, which is why premium cell phone plans boast. Some do, and such plans are great for them. Many others feel they are overpaid

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Rogers lowered their prices considerably in the year of 2019, even making it simpler for consumers to choose their plans. They added many new perks after getting rid of data overage charges. Telus and Bell followed suit. Canadians should be happy that the prices are still considered premium rates

There are alternatives

Here is the thing. There are alternatives. There are many options to choose from if you would prefer something other than Bell, Rogers, or Telus. These three companies own their own flanker brands They are affectionately called in Canada to give consumers more choices that fit the needs of the individual. For example:

What is a Flanker brand?

These are brands that piggyback off the networks of the Big Three and offer cheaper monthly plans. These companies target younger people. They offer more options such as reduced features and pre-paid services. Our They are compatible with the big three

The cell phone plans with these companies are great but not for everyone. Lucky Mobile offers cheap big-data plans, but the download speeds are slower than Bell would offer. Flanker brands don’t usually offer 5G or other premium options. They offer a good balance of features and price. flanker brands use the networks of their parent companies, so you get reliable service and great coverage. There is evidence that shows alternative providers have better customer service ratings than their parent networks

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The plans of Telus and Rogers

We mentioned some alternate options that you can explore if you feel like it, so let’s look at the differences between Telus, Bell, and Rogers


They all offer unlimited data plans, but prices can vary. The average price for an unlimited data plan with each company is around $75 per month. It can be less expensive if you live in Quebec, for example. Saving money can be achieved by combining multiple lines onto one bill

There are restrictions with these plans. When you exceed the data limit, your speeds go down. You don’t have to pay extra when you go over

Outside of the unlimited data plans, your options are limited. If you know you won’t need much data, we recommend exploring flanker brands. A flanker brand with low data is a good match for us No matter where you are, you can use your cell phone

Telus vs. Rogers

The financing options between the companies are very similar, but there is still one important thing to think about first

promotion is different between companies when it comes to financing. Different phones are discounted depending on the provider. Take a look at what discounts each network is offering and see if one is right for you. If you are wise, hundreds of dollars can be saved over the two year period

Rogers, Bell, and Telus are offered

36-month financing options are available

At one point. . They had to remove it from their list of offerings until the CRTC decided if it was in violation of the Wireless Code of Conduct. It is not an option for customers until further notice, as they are confused as to why the CRTC would deem this a possible infraction of the Code

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Telus and Rogers are two of the most reliable companies

Rogers won the award for best overall coverage, which included 3G, 4G, and 5G availability. Their signal reaches 98% of Canadians. Rogers has an advantage over its competitors when it comes to rural areas. The 3G network is still alive and well, and it provides adequate coverage for many people living in rural Canada. They have created an extended coverage option that provides service to people in rural areas outside of Rogers designated coverage areas. Data is not included in extended coverage plans

Bell and Telus are the current champion when it comes to 4G coverage. They created the biggest 4G network in Canada. It reaches into the Canadian wilderness. 99% of Canadians will be covered by the total coverage areas of Bell and Telus Telus and Bell do not offer 3G networks anymore. phones over 5 years old don’t work on these networks

Telus and Bell are not part of the same network. Telus is ahead of Bell in the reliability and speed arenas. Bell is better in the areas further east. Montreal is the home base of Bell and the home base of Telus

Telus and Rogers have customer service issues

There is one Canadian provider that has been consistently top of the heap for many years, and it is not one of the Big Three. It is Virgin Mobile. Many flanker brands outdo their parent companies in customer service. Telus is the highest ranked provider in customer service, followed by Rogers and Bell


Rogers launched a 5G network. Bell and Telus launched theirs very soon after. All three providers will have 5G in many Canadian markets by the end of 2021

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Will these carriers allow me to bundle my phone, internet, and cable bill?

Unfortunately, no. You can bundle the three and save money. Telus, Bell, and Rogers don’t allow customers to add their cell phone plan to the mix. Each company offers discounts for customer loyalty. Customers get loyalty discounts for multiple services

They all have family share options which is a great way to save money. You can add more phone lines and also add a few things. Telus and Rogers have data management tools that allow you to set data limits for specific devices

Which of Canada’s Big Three is the best?

I know this isn’t the answer you are hoping for, but we already said that It depends. They all have coverage nationwide. They all offer a lot of things. It depends on where you live, and what you use. Telus and Bell have the best coverage footprint. Telus has the best customer care. Rogers has the best rural coverage. You can improve Telus coverage by partnering it with us

There are still some These statements can be rendered inaccurate by that. If you have more questions, please call us

Final thoughts

If you live in Quebec or the other provinces, you should check it out And . These are local wireless carriers that are only available to Canadians in these areas and they have great deals. Telus, Rogers, and Bell run unique deals in order to compete

Do you live in the province? . They offer low rates and are a wireless carrier only in Manitoba. Bell has a network

If you live in one of the following provinces, you should give: A look. It is not available in every area of these provinces, but if it is available where you are, it is worth exploring. They have inexpensive big data plans

In March of 2021, it was announced Rogers Communications. . These are the two largest cable providers in Canada. The nation’s largest cable provider will be created as a result of the merger, as will the second largest telecom company. It will affect Canada’s wireless market permanently . The deal needs approval from the Competition Bureau of Canada and other federal departments

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