The Best Canadian Winter Coats (That Aren’t Canada Goose)

I can tell you that Canadians are proud of two things: their marriages and their marriages being one Maple syrup is made from maple trees Their ability to do things It will be cold in the winterMake that Enjoy It is truly cold. After moving to MontrealI learned that Canadian culture and infrastructure make for a great place to chill out in the outdoors cross-country skiing, And. People skate on the pond. Canadians seem to have an innate ability to do outdoor activities if they want to socialize safely, and that got me thinking coats Do they depend on it? To keep them warm In temperatures as low as minus 22 degrees?

One brand with a country-plus- animal name might seem like a good fit, but the words are what you remember Canada goose Do not appear next to any of them coats on this list. The brand doesn’t seem to be a top seller in its namesake land, even though I’ve been to the parts of it I’ve been to. This hunch was confirmed by a customer service specialist Altitude Sports I don’t use her last name because she wants to speak freely about her store’s brands Canada The brand is popular with coat buyers outside of Canada because of its easy reference for first winter coat. People tend to wear them for their fashion, not practicality. It is not a great brand for outdoor activities. ”

You might be wondering, with that out of the wayWhat makes a Canadian coat different from a American one? Canadian brands take the cold of our winter into account, as compared to American brands. Canada has the same cold temperatures all winter across all territories, so our designs reflect that. The salesperson at the retailer is specializing in outerwear and cycling apparel The person is the MEC The Mountain Equipment Co-op is a Canadian company. Canadian coats are designed to be cold in the winter. Our jackets are robust, waterproof, and have extra puff where you need it in the shoulders, sleeves, and cuffs. They are built for warmth. Canada goose coats are built for warmth, so they aren’t purchased as much as the other brands on this list

I contacted winter-apparel experts like Gabrielle and Renaud about the coats they say are most popular among their Canadian clientele after seeing the logos and brands I saw on my walks through Montreal. The brands I saw most often were the ones the experts mentioned as their top sellers. I have included a few coats from a single brand for people who like to shop around. Many of the coats that follow are less expensive than Canada Goose jackets, but none of them are cheap. Many are built to last and come with lifetime warranties, which is a plus. Such guarantees. The brands that are lesser known are due to being less available in the U.S. If you don’t know how to use international shipping information, you should check out the list of coats that aren’t sold by American retailers

The second-best-known brand is Arc’teryx

Arc’teryx is a Canadian coat brand that has appeared on the lists of the Strategist The best jackets for bike commuters, The best raincoats for menEven in our piece The trendiest gifts for men in 2020
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The brand’s Cerium and Atom jackets are recommended at Altitude Sports due to theirVersatility. They are slim enough to be worn under a waterproof shell in case of snow or rain, and their insulation traps body heat, which is why they are not fully waterproof. The shorter coats mean that your stride doesn’t get hampered when hiking or cross-country skiing, or doing most other outdoor activities. I see a lot of these coats on the cross-country skiers and those walking up and down the mountain

Arc’teryx sells heavier-duty coats that combine the warmth and insulation of the jackets above with the waterproof, windproof Gore-Tex exteriors for days when it’s both cold and wet. The coats have two-way zippers that allow for more mobility even with the coats being extra long

Kanuk is a brand beloved by Montrealers

Another top brand at Altitude Sports is Kanuk. Kanuk has been making coats for 50 years in Montreal, the brainchild of a textile family looking to develop warmer coats to endure the Canadian cold. Kanuk is a standard here It was very warm The emphasis is on very warm her own. A lot of people in Montreal have vintage Kanuk coats. She says that the brand’s excellent quality guarantees that their old models are just as warm as the new ones. For those who want a coat that looks like an old one, Kanuk has a new collection that looks a lot like their old models. I have seen the brand’s logo on the sleeve of Montrealers of all ages and genders, but it is hard to tell if they are new coats or old ones. The lifetime warranty that Kanuk has on all of its coats is a big reason why the brand is buy-now, wear-forever

The brand’s classic winter parkas for men and women are simple to wear and come in a variety of colors. I first spotted the coats on a couple while waiting at the vet, and the jackets are easy to pedal in, I think. The woman’s version has a similar feel and shape to the boys version, but is very gentle around the waist. The synthetic insulation in the parkas will hold up well to frequent washing, the brand says, and will keep you warm in temperatures as low as minus 13 degrees. The Kanuk coats on this list feature the so-called “Thermo synthetic insulation”, but the brand uses RDS-certified Canadian-white-duck down to insulate other coats. The parkas are waterproof and windproof You can buy attachable It was a fauxfur collar To keep the wind out of your face

I often see a Kanuk style that is longer and not so puffy. The extra length will protect thighs from cold seats

Two coats from Kanuk’s Heritage collection were mentioned by Gabrielle. You can find the coats on its website Ssense has some Kanuk stylesAlso, too

The brand is minimalist and eco-conscious

The old brand of the Montreal-based Quartz Co., called Quartz Nature, was reborn in 2015, as the new brand, the Quartz Co. The company has built a reputation for designing performance outerwear with the planet in mind by using recycled textile fibers. Like Kanuk, the coats of the company, Quartz Co., come with a lifetime warranty that includes free repairs or replacements for any sort of material or manufacturing defects. The parkas are minimalist and not flashy, but I spotted a small logo on the shoulder on walks through the West Village of Montreal and the Mile End

The Ines is a parkas that is puffy but not too puffy, long but not too long, cozy and not sloppy. The coat is made of recycled materials and is insulated with Canadian-white-duck down from farms in Quebec and Alberta. The coat is from a brand The forward collectionThe stuff is sustainable and can be found in a line of garments that are Bluesign, Global Recycle Standard, and Oeko-Tex certified There is also a version with a coyote-fur hat, And, All of the coats from theQuartz Co. are machine-washed, so be sure to remove any fur trim. The brand’s Labrador parka for men is similar to the women’s Ines in that it’s made with recycled materials, insulated with responsiblesourced down, and certified by all of those important-sounding agencies. The coats are treated with C6 durable water repellence, a waterproof agent that is more eco-friendly than other fabric finishes. You can find coats on the website A few at Amazon

The brand is no frills

The prices shown for the Great Northern Down Parka and the Tremblant jacket are in Canadian dollars

No discussion about Canadian gear is complete without mentioning it The person is the MECSince it opened in 1971, it has been the country’s go-to retailer for all things outdoorsy. It has the same brands as American outdoor stores, and is very popular due to its high quality. My husband has an old backpack that still works well on our grocery runs. When she told me that the two top-selling coats in the store are styles from the MEC label, I knew I had to ask. She did not recommend these coats as superior to other brands, but she did say that they are among the store’s top-selling coats for women and men

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The brand has thoughtful details

The price shown is an approximate conversion to U.S. dollars, because it is listed in Canadian dollars

The coats from Montreal-based brand Indygena are a top-selling style at the store. She says that Indygena knows how to protect you from the elements without compromising style. The The brand says so
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