The 15 best credit cards in Canada for 2021 helps Canadians find the best credit cards in the country to fit their spending habits and lifestyle by rounding up the best credit cards in the country every year

Credit cards are not one-size-fits-all. We have said before that the best one for you depends on your financial situation and maybe one that saves you money via a low interest rate, balance transfer offer or cash back, or provides value through rewards points that can be redeemed for travel and merchandise

Several of the new mentions Credit cards in Canada They are on our list for 2020 because they offer great value

  • All reward types
  • cash back
  • Store credit
  • travel

  • Any fee for an entire year
  • No yearly fee

  • 5 points for gas, groceries, and restaurants
  • 1 for other
  • 5 points for groceries and 1 point for restaurants
  • 2 points for gas and travel
  • 1 for other
  • 2% of all purchases
  • All purchases are 1%
  • 3% of airlines are eligible
  • 4% of retailers are select
  • 2% up to 3 categories of your choice
  • 15% everyday purchases up to $150* is a welcome offer
  • 4% of Canadian Tire Spending
  • 1.6% of groceries
  • Everything else is 0.5%
  • All purchases are 1 percent
  • 3% of groceries
  • 1% of the total amount of bills
  • 0.4% other
  • 1 for other
  • 0.04 points for everywhere
  • Air Miles Partners has 0.12 points for other

  • Any fee for an entire year
  • No yearly fee

  • Any fee for an entire year
  • No yearly fee

The best credit cards for Canada in the year 2021

Credit cards that don’t affect your credit score are worth looking at

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The best rewards card for everyday spending

TheAmerican Express Cobalt
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The card charges a fee of $155.88 a year, but is cheaper at $12.97 a month. You can get up to 30,000 bonus points as a new cardholder if you spend at least $500 in your first year. You can earn 20,000 Membership rewards points when you spend a total of $3,000 on your card in your first 3 months of membership

The American Express Cobalt card has a strong everyday earn rate and welcome bonus, as well as flexible travel redemption options

You can redeem points for hotel stays or flights on virtually any airline at a flat rate of 1,000 points for $10, or you can use the rewards chart AMEX has a fixed points travel program To get special redemption rates and possibly earn up to 75% more value out of your points on flights out of Canada, or transfer your points to Marriott Bonvoy. You can redeem points for any purchase on your card at a rate of roughly 0.8 cents per point. You can transfer points to other loyalty programs

It doesn’t cost extra to add authorized users, so you won’t have to pay an extra $50 to share the account with a loved one

The card provides a suite of insurance benefits, including travel emergency medical, travel accident, and car rental collision/loss damage waivers, as well as flight interruption and baggage loss/delay

American Express invites give cardholders access to ticket pre-sales and reserved seats for concerts, movie screenings, and other events

The best credit card is flat-rate

TheSimplyCash is a card from American Express 2% cash back is offered on every purchase, from groceries and online shopping to clothes, bill payments, electronics, and everything in between. New cardholders can earn 10% cash back on their first four months of use. In September, cash back is credited to an account

The SimplyCash Preferred has the highest flat cash back rate. It offers the same cash back on everything, so it is easy to understand, and you won’t have to think about bonus categories, merchant codes or strategically shopping based on earning multipliers. Adding authorized is free, so you won’t have to pay a higher annual fee to share the credit card account with a loved one

The card has a special welcome rate of 10%, which lasts for up to the first four months of card membership or up to a maximum of $400 in bonus cash back. Most cash back cards only have welcome offers that last for a few months and can be used for up to $200

The SimplyCash Preferred Card has access to American Express invites, comprehensive travel insurance with up to $5,000,000 in travel medical emergency insurance, and up to $85,000 in rental car/damage/loss waivers insurance

Cash back card for gas and groceries

The biggest selling point is the most importantThe CIBC Dividend Visa Infinite is a credit cardIt has rewards on everyday essentials. The card earns four times the cash back on gas and groceries, two of the most common spending categories for Canadian households

Bonus rewards on food and transit are available at the supermarket and the pump. The card earns 2% cash back on dining and public transit, and it also allows you to use it on rides from the app. 2% is earned on recurring bills, which include pre-authorized payments for your internet, phone, and streaming services. All purchases return a 1% return

Thanks to the new CIBCCash back on demandThe feature allows for the redemption of rewards at any time, starting at $25 Cash back will be credited to your account as part of your January statement if you don’t have a problem. You need to earn at least $60,000 a year to get approved for a Visa Infinite Card

The card earns between 4% and 2% in cash back on food, transit, and recurring bill payments, making it one of the highest-earning rewards cards in Canada for all spending personalities. For a limited time, the card can be used to get a fee reduction for the first year and a boosted 10% cash back rate on all purchases for the first four months

The Visa Infinite Program from the CIBC DividendĀ® Visa is a way to attend dining events and hotel perks. Emergency travel medical insurance, new mobile device coverage, and rental auto theft/loss/collision insurance are some of the benefits that cardholders will receive. If you carry a balance a month-to-month, you can use the bank’s Pace It program, which allows you to pay off eligible purchases in smaller chunks over time at a reduced interest rate. A full-fledgedA credit card with low interest instead

Cash back credit card is the best

The The card has a money back feature You can earn 2% cash back in two categories spending and 0.5% on everything else when you open a Tangerine Savings Account. There are 10 bonus categories to choose from, including groceries and gas, restaurants, public transit, hotel stays, and more

It currently offers a 15% back on purchases of up to $1,000 within the first 2 months. December 31, 2021

The return rates for a no fee credit card are some of the best. The freedom to choose your bonus categories is also great, as is the fact that your cash back is not reimbursed annually

The card has a promotional interest rate on balance transfers for the first six months. If you state that you earn $60,000 or more during the application process, you will get bumped up to the higher tier of the Mastercard and get additional benefits, like mobile device insurance and rental car coverage

The best credit card for retail

If you cross off your shopping list at Shoppers Drugmart and Loblaws, you are not alone Among several othersThen, then The PC Financial World is a Mastercard storeIt is a no-brainer

The card earns between 45 to 30 PC points per dollar spent at affiliates and 10 PC points per dollar everywhere else, which is the equivalent of 1% in store credit. There are over 4,500 retail and gas locations affiliated with the PC Optimum program

In order to redeem PC points for purchases from Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaws, you have to make a minimum purchase of $10

You need to earn $80,000 a year to be eligible for the PC Financial World Elite. The good news is that you can still qualify if you don’t hit the minimum income requirementsPC Financial has other credit cards that are not charged a fee

The PC Financial World Elite is one of the best no fee credit cards for buying household essentials because of its impressive earn rates of between 4.5% to 3% and its partnership with some of Canada’s largest grocery, pharmacy, and gas station brands

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The PC Financial World Elite has perks for a no fee store credit card, such as out-of-province/country travel emergency medical insurance for trips up to ten days, and car rental collision/loss/damage waiver insurance

The best credit card for low interest

If you carry a balance on your credit card from month to month, you shouldn’t be paying a high interest rate. The True Line Gold Mastercard The lowest interest rate for purchases in Canada is 8.99%, which is half the typical rewards credit card interest rate. The card has an annual fee

The lowest fixed interest rate on purchases and balance transfers is offered by this card. The True Line Gold Mastercard can help you save money on interest long term, even if you carry a balance or want to consolidate debt

Best credit card for bad credit

  • Even if you have been discharged from bankruptcy, you will get approval.

Home Trust secured Visa

  • The fee is $0 annually
  • The interest rate on purchases is 19.99%
  • The amount of security deposit that needs to be put down is the amount that is set by the credit limit
  • Not available to residents of Quebec

Do you have a less than stellar credit score that makes it difficult for you to get approved for new credit or loans? Maybe it is because you have bad credit in the past, you have a rough patch in your finances, or you are new to Canada. Whatever the reason, that’s itHome Trust secured VisaCan help rebuild your credit

The card has no application requirements and you are guaranteed to be approved. If you use the card with care and make payments on time, you can rebuild your credit score and get more credit when you need it

Like allCredit cards that are securedYou must provide a deposit that is equal to the size of your credit limit. You can give a deposit of as little as $500. If you don’t owe any balance, your deposit will be reimbursed in full. The card has no annual fee and a standard interest rate of 19.99%, which can be avoided if you pay off your balance in full each and every month. If you don’t use the card at least once in a year, you will have to pay an inactivity fee

The Home Trust secured Visa is the same as any other secured credit card. It is the only secured card that does not charge an annual fee or monthly maintenance fee, which is very unusual. If you use the card at least once every year, you will avoid the $10 inactivity fee

No foreign transaction fee credit cards

One of the two credit cards from Canada’s big banks is free of foreign transaction feesThe gold AMEX is from the Scotia-8873-8873-8873-8873-8873-8873),The passport Visa Infinite from the ScotiaIt is more accepted when travelling outside of North America because it offers impressive lounge access benefits

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The card has no foreign transaction fees, a $300 travel points bonus, and Priority Pass membership, which gives you six free visits per year to over 1,200 lounges worldwide, all of which are perks. The Visa Infinite Luxury Hotel Collection and Visa Infinite Dining Series are included with the Visa Infinite card

The card includes travel emergency medical and travel accident insurance, trip cancellation, trip interruption, flight delay, baggage delay, and car rental collision/loss damage waiver. You can get a supplementary card

Also consider:

The Passport Visa Infinite is also a part of the Scotiabank Passport VisaHome Trust preferred Visais among the fewThere are no foreign transaction fees on credit cards in Canada. The card doesn’t have an annual fee and offers 1% cash back on all purchases in Canada. The card is only available to residents of Quebec, and has a limit of 10 transactions per day. If you don’t charge at least one purchase on the card for a year, you will be charged a $12 inactivity fee

The Home Trust Preferred Visa is a good card to have on hand if you need to make a purchase in a foreign currency or travel abroad. Even if it is a small purchase, you should always use your credit card. You will be hit with a $12 inactivity fee if you don’t

Best travel credit cards for frequent flyers

Its name suggests soThe Visa Infinite is for the first class travelIt was made with frequent flyers in mind. For every dollar spent on travel bookedThe site for the company, ExpediaforTD.comThis card will earn you 9 points for having the same wide array of airline and hotel options as You will get 3 points for every dollar you spend. When you redeem 1TD point on the website, you will get 4.5% in rewards on travel and 1.5% on everything else

New applicants who meet the card’s income requirements will get a full Annual Fee Rebate The primary and additional cardholders are listed For the first year, it can be up to $670 and 100,000 points1 When you book travel purchases through the website, you will get a travel value of up to $500

  • You will get 20,000 bonus points when you make your first purchase with your card
  • You can get 80,000 TD Points if you spend $1,000 within 90 days

You must make your first purchase on the account within 3 months after opening the account to receive the first-year annual fee rebate. This offer is not available to residents of Quebec. Click for Quebec residents Here

Travel credit cards offer more rewards on airfare, hotels, and vacation packages than any other card. If you spend a lot of money on travel every year, the First Class Travel Visa Infinite can help you accumulate a lot of points. The choice to pick flights from hundreds of airlines is available to the cardholders through the website

This card has an extensive suite of travel insurance benefits, including $1 million in emergency medical out of province coverage, up to $1,500 in trip cancellation coverage per person, $500,000 in common carrier travel accident insurance, and more

The card offers a 20% discount on Priority Pass airport lounge memberships, as well as 5% and 10% off Avis and Budget car rentals

This offer is not available to residents of Quebec. Click for Quebec residents Here

Also consider:

With The World Elite Mastercard is from the bankYou will earn three The points are from the rewards program of the bank For every dollar you spend on travel, dining and entertainment, you get two points. When redeemed for travel rewards, 1 point is worth $0.0067

The premium card comes with four free annual passes to over 1,000 airport lounges and a generous welcome offer. You will get 25,000 bonus points after you spend $3,000 in your first three months, another 5,000 bonus points after your first year anniversary, and the card’s $150 annual fee is not charged for the first year

The BMO World Elite Mastercard has perks and flexibility. Travel taxes and fees can be covered with the help of the points of the BMO rewards program. The card has a welcome offer that gives up to a combined $315 in bonuses. The card has global lounge access benefits, which can be used to travel in style

This card is for you World Elite travel insuranceIt includes travel medical coverage of up to 21 days, and travel accident coverage of up to a maximum of $5,000 More

The built-in lounge access is the most popular perk, but it is not the only perk

Best credit card for hotel stays

The Marriott Bonvoy American Express Card
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The recent Marriott and SPG have rewards programs You will always find a place to stay if you are a member of this loyalty program

You will receive a free night at eligible hotels and resorts on the anniversary of opening your account. You will be upgraded to Marriott Bonvoy Gold status if you make $30,000 in purchases annually

The best credit card for Airmiles

If you are an avid Air Miles collector, you can rack up more rewards The Air Miles World Elite is a program of the Bank of Montreal You can get some premium travel perks by putting it in your wallet. The card offers triple the miles when shopping at Air Miles partner stores Many othersThere are over a dozen types of insurance

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You can triple the Miles by paying with this credit card and showing your Air Miles collector card at the same time. The Air Miles World Elite has the best insurance of any otherAir miles credit card Period. The latter of which is rarely offered by credit cards, is a $2 million out of province medical insurance along with personal effects coverage. The sign-up bonus will allow you to book up to two flights within North America

Cardholders can get a 15% discount on flights booked using Miles

Best credit card for a store

You will earn a flat 1 point per dollar on your purchases with this Mastercard. 1 MBNA points equals a single dollar

If you enroll for online e-statements and make at least $2,000 in card purchases within 90 days, you can earn up to 30,000 bonus points

You can redeem points for cash back, brand-name merchandise gift cards, charitable donations, and travel

You can get up to $1,000 on coverage for eligible mobile devices in the event of loss, injury or mechanical breakdown

Credit cards that don’t affect your credit score are worth looking at

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How to apply for a credit card

How to begin your application process for credit cards? There are a few things to know

Know your eligibility

Knowing whether you are eligible or not is important before you apply. It’s best to know if your application will be accepted before you apply, as rejections can hurt your credit score and cause serious damage

Use our new eligibility checker You can find out in minutes whether you’re eligible for a card or not by contacting a Canadian credit bureau It is TransUnion) Request a copy of your credit report. This report will give you a credit score, a number which is used by lenders to decide whether or not you are a reliable user of credit. Knowing your credit standing will help you narrow down your card choices to ones that you will be approved for

Know what you’re looking for

Everyone has different needs when it comes to credit cards. A credit card with a travel points system can help frequent travellers save money on flights. A category specific cash back card with a great earn rate can make life easier for people who use their card for everyday items

Think about what you want this card to do for you. It is possible to make a short list of your must-haves, but not essential features. This will help you find a card that’s right for you

You need to apply for a credit card

It’s time to apply when you have found the perfect card. You can do this online by following the instructions on the website. It is usually possible to find out if you have been approved in a few days. If you applied online instant-approval cards If you have been approved, you will be told immediately, but you will have to wait for your card to arrive for at least a few days

Why should I use a credit card?

Credit and credit score are increased by owning even one credit card and being responsible with it. Credit is important for purchases. Credit cards can give you money on purchases and offer bonuses

How do I apply for a credit card?

RateHub has a tool that you can use to find the right credit card for you, check your eligibility, and apply directly from our website. Make sure you have all the documentation with you and follow the steps

What should I look for in a credit card?

  • The interest rate is
  • The annual fees are always paid
  • Points are offered
  • There are bonuses or incentives to sign
  • Eligibility

Everyone has their own needs and what you can afford is what you can most benefit from

What is the best credit card for rebuilding credit?

A secured credit card is the best card to use if you want to rebuild credit. A security deposit is required to make bill payment. If you use your cards in a responsible manner, your issuer will usually return your deposit and offer you anUnsecured card within 18 months

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