Postage to Canada

If you have never sent anything to Canada through the mail before, you may be surprised at how different the process is here in the US

You might have thought it was going to be a little bit more expensive, but it was not. What about the whole process of sending mail to Canada?

Do you have to cover postage in Canada and the US?

How much money will it cost to send postage to Canada?

We cover all of that in the rest of the guide

Sending mail to Canada

Sending mail and packages to Canada is almost as easy as sending mail in the state or across the country, and it is important to know this

The process is the same as before, with only a few differences that we breakdown for you in a moment

You should know that every package and envelope you send to Canada is going to be considered an international delivery. Even if your packages don’t have to go that far, you’re still looking at international shipping rates

If you live in Vermont, you will be paying international postage even if you live near the Derby Line, a small town that shares a street with Stanstead, Québec in Canada

Postage charged out at international prices is going to be required for any mail that crosses the border from Derby Line homeowners who live in another country

If you want to send mail to Canada, you need to find a mail carrier that will deliver it and then run through the different postage prices you might expect to pay

Picking the right mail carrier is important

If you want your mail to arrive as quickly as possible, you should look for a mail carrier that can deliver your mail to addresses in Canada

The The United States Postal Service It is possible that the most affordable mail carrier of them all is the one that guarantees delivery to international addresses

FedEx and the United Parcel Service are great options for delivering mail to Canada

The USPS has weight limits on parcels that they are willing to carry into Canada. You need to start thinking about going with someone like UPS if you get higher than this weight limit

If speed is the main factor, you should go with FedEx

This company has a slogan that says, “when it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.”

The letter is for postage to Canada

Sending letters to addresses in Canada via the USPS is the most cost-effective solution

International postage starts at $1.20 and covers the postage costs for up to 3 ounces of mail to be delivered to any address in Canada. Delivery times can be between five and 10 business days

Global First will cover your postage to addresses in Canada as well as the US

The first 3 ounces of mail will be covered by the basic postage fees. You will have to pay an extra $0.49 in postage for every ounce above 3 ounces

You want to make sure that the letters you are sending are tucked inside of the standard envelopes. Even if the envelopes meet the weight limits, you may have to pay more for postage

As of 2021, envelopes that can’t be processed by a machine will need an extra $0.21 in postage

Postage to Canada is in a package

The package postage to Canada will be unique in that it will be priced based on the size and weight of the package

You have to consider any specific shipping options attached to the shipments you are having delivered to addresses in Canada

If you are going to be sending packages via USPS you will be able to calculate how much postage will be before you have to pay

Simply go to the USPS websiteTheusps.comEnter Canada as the destination country option when you navigate to the USPS Postage Price Calculator

Pick the shipping service you want to use, and then schedule the time and date you want your package to be dropped off

You will be given a detailed description of how much postage is going to be for the package you want to send

USPS International Flat Rate Boxes are the best way to calculate shipping costs if you want to eliminate a lot of headaches

If you send an item in one of the preapproved envelopes or packages, you will be able to pay a single flat rate. It doesn’t get much easier than that

Postage to Canada is on a postcard

Sending postcards to Canada is cheap, just like it is in the US

The international postage to Canada on postcards is more expensive than in America. You will have to spend at least $1.20 in postage, but that can jump up to almost two dollars if you want to send postcards in different ways

It is important that your postcard matches the dimensions given by the USPS even though it is being sent to Canada. You need to send a rectangular card that is between 3.5” x 5” and 6”

If it fits those parameters, you are good to go

How long does it take for mail to get to Canada?

Delivery times to addresses in Canada are generally pretty quick, though you can expect at least five business days to pass between when you drop your letter in the post and when it arrives in Canada

Most of the mail will be delivered between 7 days and 21 days, but first-class mail can take even longer. If your mail hasn’t arrived in 21 days, it’s a good idea to call the post office

Priority mail And Priority Mail Express is delivered The international options guarantee that your mail will get to Canada a little quicker, and the postage will be a little more expensive

You can expect delivery in Canada in between 6 days and 10 days with traditional Priority Mail and 3 to 5 days with Priority Mail Express

Will my mail be processed?

If you are sending something to another country, even if it is just an envelope filled with a letter, it will be routed through customs

The Canadian Border Services Agency will be screening packages and envelopes that are sent into Canada, as well as the US Postal Service’s side of the US Customs process

The information regarding customs declarations will be printed on the label of any package that you send to Canada. These kinds of declarations are not usually required in letters, and only if something of real value is being sent over the border

If you are having a hard time filling out these declaration labels, you should reach out to your local post office or employees at FedEx orUPS for help

This is the kind of thing they take care of all the time. They will be able to help you more quickly than you thought possible

Can I track the mail in Canada?

You will be able to track your mail as it moves through Canada, almost always with the same tracking information that you were provided when you first dropped your package, parcel, or envelope in the mail

You can pay a little more for premium tracking services in Canada for first-class mail sent via the USPS, but it isn’t trackable. It is possible that registered or certified mail is a better approach

Even after crossing the border and going to Canada, packages will be tracked every stop of the way. You will be able to watch as your package moves from the United States to Canada

Is there any banned items I should mail to Canada?

Canada is an exception to the rule, as every nation on the planet has a breakdown of things they don’t allow to be sent over their borders

This is important to remember. Many people assume that if they can send something safely in the United States they will be able to do it in other countries as well

Some of the more common things that are not allowed to be shipped into Canada include:

  • There are some small exceptions to live animals
  • Tobacco items of any kind
  • Different types of plants
  • Any currency, including US currency
  • There are any gambling related items
  • Anything related to firearms or explosives

It is not a bad idea to talk to someone who knows if you can send something to Canada The post office is open You should zip them along on their way

Mail to Canada can be forwarded and received with US Global Mail

One of the biggest advantages of using is that The US has a global mail system And their A mailbox that is virtual The service is being able to forward your mail to almost any address on the planet at up to 80% off of retail prices

The virtual mailbox from US Global Mail gives customers a legit street address that they can use to receive mail, packages, and parcels That mail should be forwarded Without paying traditional shipping prices, you can send to addresses in Canada

If you are going to be spending a lot of time up north, the ability to save so much money on postage is a huge benefit

There are a lot of benefits that the virtual mailbox service from US Global Mail brings to the table. There is a reason why so many people have been using this service for so long

The US Global Mail website has more information about how to set up a virtual mailbox

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