Here are some answer to FAQs about the Reformed Episcopal Church

What Do You Believe?

biblestandBLK.gifWe believe in

  • The inspiration of Holy Scripture
  • The Trinity—Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • The deity of Jesus, His virgin birth, and His resurrection
  • Forgiveness of sins through the atoning death of Jesus Christ
  • Salvation by grace through faith alone

As a church in the Anglican tradition, we hold to the

Our mission Statement

Who Can be Members of the Church?

Any person is eligible for membership who has trusted in Jesus Christ for salvation. We ask that those wishing to join with us in church membership to be in agreement with the purpose and doctrine of the church and be willing to accept its leadership.

What do you mean by “relationship with Jesus Christ?

It is recognizing the need of forgiveness for our sins and calling on God in prayer to forgive us through Jesus Christ. As we accept Jesus as Saviour and Lord, we are given the presence of the indwelling Holy Spirit to live lives pleasing to God, and receive eternal life with him.

Does Membership involve financial obligations?

Our church is supported through the free-will gifts of its members and friends. The Holy Bible offers a guideline of a “tithe”—one-tenth of one’s income. Members meet their financial obligations to God, trusting in His provision, and to the best of their ability.

What else does the church expect of its members?

We believe that the people, the members are the Body of Christ on earth, working for His kingdom. As such, members want too join in the worship and work of the church; to contribute through their individual motivational and spiritual gifts to the growth of the church universal., relying all the while on the power of the Holy Spirit to show them the way.

What Can a member expect from the church?

As part of a church family, you will receive the love, support and encouragement of your fellow Christians. Our services focus on worshipping God, the scripture and preaching the Word of God. Our churches also provide a place where families can find a spiritual anchor for their lives. And, of course, there is also the satisfaction of contributing to a vital Christian ministry that will last for eternity.

cupcrossbread.gifWhat about Holy Communion?

Holy Communion is a “sacrament”—a ceremony commanded by our Lord Jesus Himself. We believe that fellowship around the Lord’s Table is necessary for a full spiritual life. REC churches usually observe Holy Communion at least once a week. Coming to the table is not restricted to members but is open to all Christians.

What about Baptism? - Our practice

baptism.jpgBaptism, like Holy Communion, is also a sacrament. It can be experienced by adults following their acceptance of the salvation offered by Jesus Christ. It is also provided to the children of believers. Baptism of infants is a sign of God’s promise, bringing that child into the fellowship of the church. It is a promise made by the parents on behalf of the child, the responsibility for which is transferred to the child upon his or her confirmation as a adult. For adults, water baptism is the outward sign in an inward baptism in the Holy Spirit, following faith in Jesus Christ.

How Does the Reformed Episcopal Church differ from the Anglican and other Episcopal Churches?

The Reformed Episcopal Church is a denomination separate from the Anglican and Episcopal churches. The separation came over 125 years ago because of the ways in which the Episcopal Church was deserting its scriptural roots, driving out those churches committed to evangelical Christianity.

episcopal.gifThe Reformed Episcopal Church in the USA was founded by the Rt. Rev. George David Cummins in 1873, along with other clergy and lay members who decided to leave the Protestant Episcopal Church USA. In Canada and England, similar movements began and sister Dioceses of the Reformed Episcopal Church were set up in these countries as well.


Today, there are well over 100 parishes in North America with approximately 8,000 members, and new churches are being constantly added in other countries.

In a nutshell, how would you describe the Reformed Episcopal Church?

Often, we use four words to describe ourselves: Biblical, Evangelical, Liturgical and Reformed.

We are “Biblical” because we are careful to give the scriptures their rightful place as the primary source of our knowledge of God and our faith.


We are “Evangelical” because we preach the Good News of faith in God through Jesus Christ and a personal relationship with Him.


We are ”Liturgical” in that we use the Book of Common Prayer (sometimes updated to today’s language), continuing in the worthy traditions of Christian worship from the earliest times.


Finally, we are “Reformed” because of our commitment to belief in the sovereignty of God and the other doctrines of grace rediscovered in the Reformation of the 16th century.


priest_reading.gifWould a Person who has never been to Church be comfortable in your Church services?

Of course. Our members are all friendly people who would gladly welcome you at any service. As well, there will always be someone to help you follow the service order.

What Does it Mean to be low-church and evangelical”?

“Low church” is a term that shows our view of ministry and worship is focused on worshipping Jesus without a lot of ritual and ceremony. Our ministers are not “priests” who perform a ceremony. Their role is pastoral—looking after the members of God’s flock, but keeping such traditions as are within the dictates of Holy Scripture.


An “evangelical” is one who believe the “Good News” that Jesus Christ came to earth to be Saviour of the world. As well, an “evangelical” person believe in a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Do You Believe in Missions and Evangelism?

Yes indeed. We believe in every member working to carry out the Great Commission to carry the gospel to every corner of the world. To that end, we support missions at home and abroad.

What if there is NO Reformed Episcopal Church in my area? 

Christ Himself started His work with just a few men. If you would like to ask about getting an REC church group in your city, town, village or rural area, we would love to hear from you.

You can write to us, e-mail us, or even telephone us. All the information you need is available on our Home Page.

More Questions?

Please contact us. We will be happy to answer any question you have.

Our Diocese of Western Canada and Alaska covers a H U G E area. We’d like to fill it up with Beacons of Christian light! Come, let your light shine with us!