5 Best S

Are you a Canadian investor? One of the cheapest ways to invest in the S

The lower fees and better liquidity are two reasons why the popularity of exchange traded funds is growing rapidly Over $37 billion flowed into the funds So far this year

It is also known that the S

I am confident that you can make a better decision about which fund will give you exposure to the US stock market and align with your investment goals by the time you finish reading this list

What are S?

The S is a letter Large market value of US stocks. The market value of the US stock market is 80% of the index. The index is often seen as the closest thing to a default US stock index

An S The method is low-cost For investors to have a diversified exposure to the US stock market. It is a fact that the S

It seemed like investors only had an upside to gain by investing in the S

Finding the best S is all that is required

The 5 best cars

Our neighbors to the south have a significant impact on the global economy. The performance of companies in the US can have an impact on us. Investing in a basket of stocks that are similar to the US stock market can help you make money

I have listed the best S Canada is trading The US stock market might not be in the best shape right now due to the swine flu. However, getting exposure to the S

The company is called Vanguard S

The ticker is The stock is called: VFV
The yield is Dividend Yield 1.21%
Assets under management $4 billion
MER: 0.05%

The Vanguard is a book People who want to invest In US securities

Canadians should invest in VSP to guard against the weakness of the American dollar. If the US dollar strengthens against the Canadian dollar, it can keep them from making gains. Both of them follow the same investment objective. Currency hedging is different

If you choose VFV over VSP, you are banking on the S And A stronger US dollar. It is a bet that the S

The second is Vanguard S

The ticker is The stock is called the VSP
The yield is Dividend Yield 1.11%
Assets under management A billion
MER: 0.05%

The Vanguard is a book

Currency hedging can help the exchange rate when the American dollar is weakened. Currency hedging might not allow the currency hedged ETFs to beat the unhedged one. I will explain the merits of investing in the unhedged fund


The ticker is The XSP is on the Toronto Stock Exchange
The yield is Dividend Yield 1.19%
Assets under management $7.066 billion is the total
MER: 0.10%

Next up in my list of reviews

XSP is a medium risk fund. VSP may be a better option for Canadians who want to have exposure to US stocks in their Canadian Dollars. XSP is still a low-cost exchange traded fund, but its higher management fees make it a better option than it was

The bank is called the “Bmo S.”

The ticker is ZUE
The yield is Dividend Yield 1.35%
Assets under management $10.88 billion is the total
MER: 0.05%

The bank

The holdings of this fund are made up of some of the most liquid US stocks. The currency-hedge allows investors to benefit from local currency appreciation while giving them exposure to a broadly diversified portfolio of US companies. ZUE is managed by a company called BMO Global Asset Management

The S is called Horizons

The ticker is HXS
The yield is Dividend Yield 0.05%
Assets under management $2 billion
MER: 0.10%

The S is called Horizons

The S does not actually own any of the US securities that are in the ETFs

I don’t recommend holding HXS in a registered account because of the swap fees. I would advise discussing the product with an accountant before investing in it, it is more complicated than the fund

How to buy a S

My two favourite ways to buy ETFs in Canada are by mail and online

  • The trading fees for the exchange traded fund are $0
  • Mobile and desktop trading
  • Reputable brand
  • Beautiful design
  • The buys have no trading fees
  • Mobile and desktop trading
  • There are a lot of accounts available

Check out my review to learn more Best trading platforms in Canada



It isn’t much of a difference in performance, it’s down to personal preference of company for you. If you want a currency-hedged version of the S, you will have to make a decision

I believe that any of these companies will get the job done, even if I prefer one of the other companies. Most of the US equity market is represented by the underlying index. These are low-cost ways to invest in American companies

Your investment goals can affect your preference. Do you think these are the best S?

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  1. Hello Christopher
    I am new to the area. I need your help. I plan to use a tax-sheltered savings account or a retirement account to buy the VFV. Is it safe to buy from Vanguard? What if the company goes bankrupt? Do I lose all my money? Is it better to split my investment into two?
    Is our investment protected in Canada? What is the amount protected?
    Thank you for your help!
    Morgan is a person

    You can reply

    • I don’t worry about the investment company going bankrupt. I make sure my bank accounts are insured by CDIC and it should protect me from a lot of the risk

      You can reply

  2. Where do you think VFV should be held? I have it in my non registered account since the yield is 1.24%. Is it better to put in an RRSP or a TFSA for future reference? There may be clawbacks in the OAS pension if money is withdrawn in the RRSP. Is that true?

    You can reply

    • If you know you have room in your non-registered account for it, I would consider putting it into that. Every year, your non-reg account will be taxed on your dividends. You are slightly misunderstanding the OAS clawback. If you have more than a specific amount, then your income will be used for calculation of the OAS clawback. If you buy your VFV for $10,000 at 30 and it is worth $80,000 by 65, that still counts as income on the gain that you made. This article contains more information on the OAS clawback There are 13 simple ways to avoid the OAS clawback

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  3. You can call Questrade and they will walk you through the process. If you convert a $20000 to a $2000000, you could save $150 or so compared to using a bank. Everyone should know how to performNG in their trading account

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    • I agree that the number of steps is not bad, but what holds many people back is complexity. It sounds like you know what you’re doing

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  4. Where would VOO rank compared to the mentioned ETFs? Thanks for the great content!

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    • The Canadian exchange traded the all the ETFs. VOO is an American traded exchange traded fund. It is possible to minimize this by doing Norbert’s Gambit on Questrade

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      • Thank you for the response. I trade on wealthsimple Trade for my TSF, and I can’t do the norberts trade because Walthsimple doesn’t offer the US version of cross listed securities. Is it better to open a second account with a different broker and use VFV instead of the lower MER of VOO, or is it better to just use VFV? I have passed on your personal information
        I am glad to have found you, finance resources for Canadians to my staff and family

        You can reply

        • Hey Stephen, thanks for the kind words! I wouldn’t bother with Norbert’s Gambit unless you plan to buy more than 50,000 VOO, it’s complicated and I think investing should be simple

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