5 Best Places To Live In Canada 2021

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For successful relocation knowledge, seasoned expats know how to do it. It is not just about the country they are moving to, but also about where you are going to call home. Where should you move to in Canada?

One of the toughest choices you will have to make is where to live in Canada

Some places in Canada have better opportunities than others for jobs, careers, housing, and other things that are important to your day-to-day life

The average wages are higher in many countries, but the expenses are higher in some. Check How much money do you need to live comfortably in Canada?

Canada has more positives than negatives. If you are planning on moving to Canada, you need to narrow down your search and find a new home for you and your family

Why move to Canada?

Canada is often ranked at the top of lifestyle lists because of its employment opportunities and good healthcare and education. The quality of life is excellent for those earning a decent salary, because of the positive immigration policy

Middle-class Canadians can usually afford to live in detached houses. Canada has a lot of land and is cheaper than the UK or the USA because there is no restriction on space

In areas with intense demand for space for business and residential real estate, costs can be higher

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The climate is one of the biggest drawbacks of Canada. Canada is not covered in a blanket of snow for 6 months of the year, despite what many people think

It is a case of looking at the nation, examining weather patterns and finding a part of Canada where you believe you could cope with harsher winter weather conditions than in your home country

Canada has a fully prepared nation that is able to cope with snow and ice and therefore infrastructure does not fail as it does in the UK when there is a single snow flurry

Life is structured around the winter weather so that sports and community events can take advantage of the weather. Do you need more information about the Canadian lifestyle? Read about it No one tells you about lifestyle in Canada

Where to live in Canada

The capital of Canada

The quality of life, clean environment and community of the city of Ottawa are what make it a great place to live

The city of Ottawa has a lot of young people attracted to it by its two universities and is a vibrant and youthful city with beautiful architecture

The population in the city is expected to grow by 3% in the next 3 years

The city of Ottawa is very clean. It is also bike-friendly and has lots of opportunities for an active outdoor lifestyle

The Rideau Canal provides a lot of trails, walkways, running paths and bike lanes. The world’s longest skating rink is created in winter

The city of Ottawa has 4 different seasons, each with a different weather pattern: winters are cold and bright, summers are hot and humid, and the last one is the winter season

Many services in the city of Ottawa are offered in both French and English

English is the main language in the world and although learning French might help you in terms of integration in the community, you don’t have to be bilingual to have a good life there

The cost of something living in the capital city It is still affordable. Depending on your location, it is possible to rent an apartment from CAN 700-1400 per month

Imported items are a bit more expensive than other items. Local purchasing power in the city is higher than in many other countries, and salaries are also higher than average

There are employment opportunities

Unemployment in the city is low. Information systems analysts and consultants, retail salespersons and computer programmers are some of the top occupations

The Federal government and provincial government offices are in the same area of the city as considerable employers. The public sector employs a large percentage of the population

Natural and applied sciences and related areas were the most growing areas of employment last year

2. Burlington

Ontario is one of the most popular provinces for expatriates. No wonder: there are There are many advantages to living in Ontario The province is inescapable

Look at it Money Sense Most of the best places to live in Canada are in Ontario

Burlington is located at the south-western end of Lake Ontario and is a great place for people who want a big city but still have access to nature and the outdoors

Burlington has a quality of life second to none

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The Bruce Trail and the Niagara Escarpment are both UNESCO-designated World Biosphere Reserve and can be enjoyed by residents

There are plenty of schools, colleges and healthcare facilities available to residents. There are many attractive sights to visit in Burlington

You can visit the 115 parks and museums from the city, and you can also shop at the many annual festivals

Burlington is one of the more expensive cities. The average home costs $500,000 and is four and a half times the family’s income. This city has low unemployment, pleasant weather, low crime, high incomes and great transit

There are employment opportunities

The city has an economic base that adds to its stability and ensures that there are always jobs available. No single employer dominates Burlington’s economy

Food processing, packaging, electronics, motor vehicle/transportation, business services, chemical/pharmaceutical and environmental are the leading industrial sectors

It is easy to find a job in Burlington. The Golden Horseshoe region has a diverse economy that contributes to Burlington’s low unemployment rate

The commuter train connects central Burlington to downtown Toronto. It takes a while to commute. Many professionals commute to work in Toronto and live in Burlington. They can afford a nicer house and a more relaxed lifestyle by this method

Those who prefer to work locally can find employment in both farming and manufacturing. Sales, business, and health care are all large sectors. The technology sector is growing fast and is becoming a bigger employer

The town of Oakville

The location of the town of Oakville on Lake Ontario makes it easy to access natural wonders in the area, but also makes it hard to find a place to live in the city of Toronto

It is an hour’s drive from the United States border to Oakville, and 30 minutes from downtown Toronto

This thriving town has a population of 200,000 and provides all the advantages of a well-serviced urban centre, while also successfully preserving its small-town feel. It is one of the best places to live in Canada for its excellent food and services

There are many things to do in and around the area, from the local Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts to museums and galleries, to festivals such as the Festival of Classics and Jazz Festival

There are a lot of recreational opportunities in the community. The Glen Abbey Golf Course, which has hosted the Canadian Open for many years, is one of seven golf courses that golfers can play

There are over 2,400 acres of park space. The harbours in Oakville have docks and slips for sail and powerboats

There are employment opportunities

The Ford Motor Company has a base in Oakville. Many people in the area work at large facilities

Life science companies are usually located in Oakville, which is a popular location for pharmaceuticals and eldercare

Burlington is a Toronto suburb and many residents commute to work in Toronto where there are many employment opportunities

St. Albert

For the last several years, the province of Alberta has been on the list of the best places to live in Canada. With its strong economy and abundance of high-paying jobs, it is attracting more Canadians and immigrants than ever living in Canada It’s not just exploiting the oilsands

St. Albert is one of the top-ranking places to live in Canada

St. Albert was named the best small town in Canada in the year. It is still the best small town to live in Canada

It has a lot of facilities such as schools, health care, and recreational facilities, and also has parks and facilities to promote a healthy lifestyle. There is a lot of green space, outdoor rinks, and bike trails in St. Albert

It is also home to the International Children’s Festival that draws over 50,000 people every year

There is plenty of sunshine all year round, and the winters can be really cold, with a minimum temperature of -20 C

St. Albert is a place that is ideal for people who prefer a more relaxed lifestyle

The St Albert transit system has a service to the city of Edmonton. If living in the city It doesn’t appeal to you, but you have a job and it can be better to choose St. Albert

There are employment opportunities

St. Albert has a low unemployment rate of 4.3% and is home to an active and skilled labour force

St. Albert has a lower exposure to oil and gas than most of the region. St. Albert is a great place to commute to

The largest industry in the city is the oil and gas industry. The region is rich in oil and natural gas, which has made it the Oil Capital of Canada. Many residents of St. Albert commute to work in oil-related industries

Other employment sectors in the city of Edmonton include: There are many opportunities in banking, information technology, andbiotech, and employers include Afexa Life Sciences, IBM, and Canadian Western Bank

The town of Boucherville

The community of 43,000 in Boucherville is one of the oldest in Qu├ębec

The city has a median household income of $92,253, an unemployment rate of 2.5%, and a strong arts and sports community

The outdoors is a big part of the area. The Iles-de-Boucherville National Park is one of the most pleasant parks in Canada and offers a lot of things to do

It is a great location for a family who loves the outdoors and still needs the conveniences of a big city at hand

Only 2% of the population can speak English, but most of the population is French. If you want to move to Boucherville, you should know French. Those who are bilingual have a better chance of being employed

There are employment opportunities

The city has a low unemployment rate and good salaries for employees

The industrial park in Boucherville has over 500 businesses which provide employment to over twenty thousand people. Rona, a Canadian distributor and retailer in hardware, home improvement and gardening products, has a base in Boucherville

Montreal is the second-biggest city in Canada and 18 km away from Boucherville. Many people from Boucherville commute to work in Montreal

In Montreal, there are many areas of employment in electronics, manufacturing, and transportation

Over 40,000 people are employed in Quebec’s aerospace industry, which is one of the largest in North America

Business services, manufacturing and retail are some of the big employers in Montreal. The Canadian National Railway headquarters are also located there

The final say on the best places to live in Canada

Canada is a popular choice for would-be expatriates. The country has good opportunities and a good lifestyle

Canada is a vast nation that you have to research to find an area where you would be comfortable

It can be hard to narrow down your search for a good place to live to one

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We hope the list of the best places to live in Canada has introduced you to some of the most promising lifestyle destinations in this wonderful nation, and perhaps you should visit parts of Canada where you feel you could make a new home

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